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Ruth Peche: Anemone 9 (2011-12) Direct print on Dibond 100cm x 100cm.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature (Deep, Dark, and Still, the Sea as the Origin of Life)
Madrid-based visionary artist Ruth Peche – has taken root in Deep Entropy the artist’s breathtakingly beautiful, sea creature-featured, suite of underwater artworks organized and curated by HUMA3 at the Fundacion Pons in Madrid (May 17 – June 1, 2012). By Edward Rubin.

Julian Schnabel with Freida Pinto on the set of Miral.

What Goes Around Comes Around
It is somewhat ironic that Julian Schnabel's exhibition, "Julian Schnabel: Art and Film" (September 1, 2010-January 2, 2011), at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto's version of New York City's MoMA, is following in the footsteps of the museum's King Tut exhibition, as both men are known for doing things in a very big way, King Tut with his tomb, and Schnabel, highly in evidence here, with his titanic canvases that all but dwarf the common man. For the fifty-nine year old Schnabel, who was all the rage with his smashed plate paintings during the late 70s and early 80s, before he eventually fell off his art world pedestal, this exhibition – the largest since his 1987 Whitney Museum Retrospective – is tantamount to a Second Coming. The "ball has come back into his court" as he gratefully acknowledged during his press preview. By Ed Rubin.



Murakami @ Versailles
Once again the battle between preserving classical French culture from the ugly claws of globalization has been making headlines in France. This time around it is provocateur artist Takashi Murakami, Japan’s answer to Andy Warhol, whose recent exhibition of comic based manga and anime inspired paintings, sculptures, and one rug, at the Château Versailles and its gardens (September 14–December 12, 2010), raised the hackles of Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon-Parme a descendent of the French king Louis XIV and the Coordination de la Défense de Versailles, an organization specifically formed to stop artist Jeff Koons from exhibiting at the palace in 2008. The suit, intending to give Koons and his giant metal dog the boot, initiated by another Royal, the prince’s nephew, was dismissed by the court. By Ed Rubin.


Helen Pynor, Headache, C-type photo on Duratran, face-mounted glass (2010)

Brainstorm: Investigating the Brain Through Art and Science
Travelling to GV Art Gallery in London to see Brainstorm, an exhibition that promised to investigate the brain through art and science, I was reminded of the phrase from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: "What a piece of work is a man!" By Tomas Hirst.



Lucy Komisar 's travel notes

Place de Vendome Palais de Justice. Photo credit: Lucy Komisar.
The intriguing past and present of the Place Vendôme in Paris
There's a curious silence to the Place Vendôme, a sense that this 17th-century architectural gem has successfully defeated the noise and traffic of modern Paris. Yes, cars and pedestrians do move through the cobble-stones, but they seem hardly noticed by the statue of Napoleon sitting atop the bronze obelisk at the center. It's as if the elegant stone mansions that ring the square were guarding the place and fending off intruders. And inside those mansions, you can imagine whispering gossips telling the intriguing tales of the past occupants.
Albert Memorial Hall in Kensington, London. Photo: Lucy Komisar

The art of sex and politics in Paris
Paris has always been stimulating to the artistic soul and also a little outrageous. Now there are two new, edgy museums with art that pushes the most controversial boundaries - sex and politics. These exciting additions to the Paris itinerary are the Museum of Erotic Art in Montmartre, and the Palais de Tokyo near the Arc de Triomphe.



Visiting Kensington, a chic residential corner of London
Where would you want to live if you lived in London? Lucy Komisar's choice would be Kensington, an upscale neighborhood in West London, just south of Hyde Park, close enough infact to walk to the park, as well as to Royal Albert Hall, the Royal College of Music, the Albert and Victoria Museum and especially to Kensington Palace, which was the home of Diana, Princess of Wales.


Glenn Loney's Travel Notes

Teutonic Travels: Austria and the DDR
Europe's Gardens & Palaces/Danger in Wörlitzer Park Grotto & Labyrinth/Huge DDR Power-Plant on Display/Saxon Strongholds--Königstein & Bastei/Stolen Quedlinburg Treasure Returned/1200 Years of Archbishops in Salzburg/Austria's Mauthausen Death Camp/Graf Zeppelin's Blimp Museum/Bayreuth Opera-House Has 250th Birthday/Taking a Bath in Baden-Baden/Secrets of Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel.

statue of Prince Henry the Navigator
Prince Henry the Navigator (photo: Glenn Loney/Everett Collection)

Lisbon's Expo '98
Rambling over seven hills--like Rome and San Francisco--Portugal's capital city is one of Europe's most beautiful and most unusual. In this EXPO year, hordes of tourists are expected from all of its sister nations in the European Union. All of which have impressive pavilions on view at the fair site. Not to overlook the hundreds of thousands--millions even--which are hoped for from around the world. But, after having made Herculean efforts to improve transport and cultural venues in the city itself, Lisbon is hoping tourists won't neglect its own indigenous attractions. The truth is that Lisbon and Portugal provide the last real "affordable" holiday in Europe. Becoming Europe's Culture City in 1974 gave Lisbon a good excuse to spruce up many of its marvelous historic churches, palaces, monuments, and residences. And now that historic restoration is really paying off. So this is an excellent time to explore this remarkable city, EXPO '98, and the "Undiscovered Country" that is Portugal.

Studying G Van Gogh's"woman of Arles." Photo: Copyright © Glenn Loney 2000/The Everett Collection.


I love Paris
Paris' Orsay Museum--From Train-Station to Art Archive/Theo van Gogh as Art Dealer & Collector/Dazzling Colors in Fauvist Show at Paris MoMA/Women Painters at Paris' Académie Julian.

HORSE & RIDER--Both Animals and Humans can be preserved and dissected with the Plastination Process. See: "Who Says You Can't Take It With You?"

Who Says You Can't Take it with You?
Your Body Need Never Decay,You Can Always Be on Display, Preserving Corpses with plastination,anatomy art, Big Jeff Koons Comeback in Bregenz, Art & Culture Between Alps and Lake Constance.







PLANET OF VISIONS--Major Theme Pavilion at EXPO 2000. Photo: Glenn Lone.

Performance and Design at Expo 2000
EXPO 2000 in Hannover/Peter Stein's "Faust" Epic/"Gilgamesh" Opera Premiere/Baroque Herrenhausen/Eight Plays in One Hannover Evening/Post-Modernist Mozart at Frankfurt Opera/Monumental "Trovatore"/Rosalie's "Dandelions" in the Palmengarten/Hundreds of New Shows Set for Edinburgh Fringe.


Somewhere in Northeastern Brazil, a cowboy posing to mark a religious feast day.

"Brazil: Territory, Land, Work, Culture" is no traditional history lesson.
This impressive colorful new book could be added to your library. A wide exposure of this volume should also rapidly increase the numbers of North Americans who will book flights to Rio, outings to Brazilia, and boat-trips up the Amazon. An excellent introduction to the World that is Brazil--and of Brazil to the World--it was originally published solely for distribution through Brazilian Embassies and Consulates. Its purpose was--and is--to reach as wide as possible an audience of people interested in learning more about Brazil: especially teachers and "opinion-makers." Our reviewer, Glenn Loney, tells you how to request a copy.

Glenn Loney on the Road

THE RED SHOES GO ON AND ON--Rows of red boots as part of an art-installation at the Venice Biennale.
Photo: ©Glenn Loney 2003.

Wandering through European museums
The Winter King, Frank Ghery's Berlin AXIA, Comix in Brussels Metro, The Great Falkirk Wheel, 50th Venice Biennale, Communist Dream-Factory, Maria Callas'Stage-Jewels, Pei's New Berlin Museum Annex, Franz West in Bregenz, Berlin's Buddy Bears, Michael Mathis Prechtl, All the World's a Stage in Munich, Art in the DDR, Paris Lodron in Salzburg, King Ludwig"s Royal Train in Nuremberg, Berlin's Gay Museum

See: Loney Goes to Disney World

Loney goes to Disney World
Spiderman in 3-D, 100 Years of Disney Magic, Epcot World Tours,  Blues Bros at Universal Studios, Two Ghirardellis in Orlando,  Splashy Water-Based Theme-Rides, Cartoons Come To Life, Mousing Around Fantasyland, Eat-All-You-Want at Epcot-Germany, Zoom Through the Future,  Big Servings of Dr. Seuss, Dueling Dragons & Lost Bagels, Swim Along with the Little Mermaid, Giant Disney Dolphins & Swans, Imagineering at Work, Magnificent Monorails.

EMERGENCE OF THE CLOWNS"--Sculptural group of Koshare, ritual pranksters, formed in clay in 1988, by Roxanne Swentzell, of Santa Clara Pueblo. See: Heard Museum.

The Heard Museum of Native Cultures & Art in Phoenix
New & Improved Heard Museum, Native Americans of the Southwest, New Indian Artists & Craftspeople


Glenn Loney Overseas
FALL KINGDOM HOTEL--Five-Stars in the jungle. See: Glenn Loney's Travel Notes.

Back to Africa
Bungee-Jumping Bridge Between Zambia & Zimbabwe, Luxury on The Blue Train, Flying Low Over Victoria Falls, Five-Star Hotels Amid Dire Poverty, God-Given Zebra Photo-Op, Deserted Downtown Durban, Mugging in Cape Town, High-Rise Ghost-City Johannesburg, Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse, Ostrich-Egg Omelets, World's Biggest Hole, Kimberley Diamond Mines, Zulu's TV Shakaland, Thatched-Hut De Luxe, Brigadoon in Mpumalanga, Robber's Grave in Pilgrim's Rest, Bartolomeo Dias' Caravel Reconstructed, Wine-Tasting in Cape Winelands, Fog in God's Window, After Apartheid-South Africa's Problematic Future.