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The Creative Economy


The Arts since 9/11

Report of 2004 write-in by artists of all disciplines: testimonies point to continued weakness in the cultural sector
Whether their field is visual arts, dance or music, many established artists now resort to non-artistic work. Others have left or are planning to leave the city to avoid economic hardship. By Jonathan Slaff and Delphine Veaudor, in consultation with Carolyn Sévos. Read more.


What happened to New York artists after 9/11? Silent victims of the tragedy
Visual, digital and musical artists--as well as actors, directors and scenic artists--were the hardest hit of all occupational groups in New York, according to this long-awaited survey. Two respected nonprofits and DowntownNYC!, a coalition of arts and businesses, surveyed over 700 individual artists. They discovered that overall earnings are down 46% since the attacks and 13% of artists who rent are facing eviction. New York is Paris-on-Hudson and its artists are the lifeblood of its economy. How could this happen without widespread notice? Surprise!...about three-quarters of working artists in the City are self employed, so they don't register on unemployment statistics. This and more dirty little secrets are revealed in a groundbreaking report. Read more