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Asher B. Durand & the American Landscape

At the Brooklyn Museum

By Glenn Loney



Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn.

Opening March 30, 2007/Closing July 29 2007

Just in case Durand’s Iconic Painting, Kindred Spirits, looks familiar to you, it is the same one recently sold-off at auction by the New York Public Library, to raise more money to pay Inflated Salaries to its Chief Officers.

Well, not exactly: that was not the Official Excuse for de-accessioning a Gift to the NYPL, but it might certainly make you think twice about leaving them anything in your Last Will & Testament.

[Two years ago, I was going to make a gift to the NYPL of all my INFOTOGRAPHY™ photo-archives''over 300,000 images, all organized into several hundred albums, labeled, & computer-indexed''but the gift was refused as the Library didn’t, at that time, have enough money to open on Mondays!]

Kindred Spirits''which shows two Famous Americans on a rocky-ledge, looking over a Primal American Wilderness scene''was sold to Fay Walton, one of the fabulously rich Wal-Mart Heirs. Now it will briefly return to New York from its new home in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, located in historic Bentonville, Arkansas!

Asher Durand was the quintessential painter of the American Wilderness, so it’s good that the Brooklyn Museum own some of his works, as well as those of Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, and other 19th century painter-poets of American Scenes.

Durand’s The First Harvest in the Wilderness has been transferred to the Brooklyn Museum from the Brooklyn Institute of Arts & Sciences.