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Glenn Loney's Travel Notes
PLANET OF VISIONS--Major Theme Pavilion at EXPO 2000. Photo: ©Glenn Loney, 2000/The Everett Collection.
Performance and Design at Expo 2000
EXPO 2000 in Hannover/Peter Stein's "Faust" Epic/"Gilgamesh" Opera Premiere/Baroque Herrenhausen/Eight Plays in One Hannover Evening/Post-Modernist Mozart at Frankfurt Opera/Monumental "Trovatore"/Rosalie's "Dandelions" in the Palmengarten/Hundreds of New Shows Set for Edinburgh Fringe

STUDYING VAN GOGH'S "WOMAN OF ARLES" IN THE MUSÉE D'ORSAY. Photo: Copyright ©—Glenn Loney 2000/The Everett Collection.
I love Paris
Paris' Orsay Museum—From Train-Station to Art Archive/Theo van Gogh as Art Dealer & Collector/Dazzling Colors in Fauvist Show at Paris MoMA/Women Painters at Paris' Académie Julian

Somewhere in Northeastern Brazil, a cowboy posing to mark a religious feast day.
"Brazil: Territory, Land, Work, Culture" is no traditional history lesson.
This impressive colorful new book could be added to your library. A wide exposure of this volume should also rapidly increase the numbers of North Americans who will book flights to Rio, outings to Brazilia, and boat-trips up the Amazon. An excellent introduction to the World that is Brazil—and of Brazil to the World—it was originally published solely for distribution through Brazilian Embassies and Consulates. Its purpose was—and is—to reach as wide as possible an audience of people interested in learning more about Brazil: especially teachers and "opinion-makers." Our reviewer, Glenn Loney, tells you how to request a copy.

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